Graham Collins offers a wide range of interior design services to help you refresh or transform your home or business. Whether you want a stunning design concept for your new home or expert advice on colour choice or space management, Graham can provide the perfect solution.

An overview of Graham's services follows, but please contact us with any specific design requests and queries.

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Graham has an artist’s sense of colour and texture and a highly imaginative aesthetic. He begins each project with an in-depth consultation to fully understand the client’s needs, desires and lifestyle. He then develops their ideas and incorporates them into the final design concept.

Graham’s services can include any or all the following, depending on the scale of the project:

Designing new room configurations: Graham will conceptualise your space in practical and creative ways, providing architectural plans and ensuring a fusion of form and function.

Assessing existing architectural plans and making clever, practical suggestions that will make the most of your space.

Suggesting and sourcing all windows, doors, and flooring, drawing on his tried-and-tested team of craftsmen and suppliers, and suggesting ideal materials and designs.

Designing and sourcing kitchens and bathrooms that are both creative and practical.

Designing all aspects of the interior decoration, from the overall concept right down to each rug and cushion. Graham has a flair for colour and fabric.

What our clients say:

“Our home is looking so much better thanks to the Graham ‘touch’! I was always wary of working with a designer as I felt my home would be designed for me, but it has been the reverse. Graham is very collaborative, and we have had great fun... The house looks great and you can see the rooms which have had Graham’s influence."

Lesley H.

"Graham coordinated the conversion of our flat in Barcelona, he inspired confidence and managed to make it feel that all the things that make our flat so lovely were our own ideas, when in fact Graham had directed us to many of them."

Alison B.

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colour consultations

Choosing the right colour palette is key to transforming your surroundings. Graham explains the latest colour trends and can provide a wealth of practical tips on all kinds of common design issues. He will visit your home or business, make suggestions based on an in-depth consultation and give you the confidence to use colours creatively.   

This service is available as a full- or half-day consultation.

What our clients say:

"I was stuck with ideas for my new kitchen. I had a sense of what I wanted - but no clue about how to achieve it. Then Graham stepped in. After carefully evaluating the space, he chose colours I hadn't even considered to create a gorgeous place for eating and relaxing. He's a gem!"

John B.


Personal shopping 

Shopping can be exhausting and confusing. Fortunately, Graham Collins can make the process smooth, easy and pleasurable! Over the last two decades, he has built up an excellent relationship with shop-owners, craftspeople and artists all over the world. He will advise you on what and where to buy, and can source everything from furniture to door handles, and from curtains to artwork.  

This service is available as a full- or half-day consultation.


What our clients say:

"I didn't know shopping could be this fun! Graham took me to a host of antique markets, design stores, and vintage shops that I didn't even know existed in Barcelona. We are absolutely thrilled with the results. He has an unerring eye for design and a real passion for detail.”

Marianna G.

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Graham can provide practical solutions for storage and organisation, reviewing architectural plans and maximising the space available. He also offers a variety of associated services, from hanging pictures to rearranging furniture.

This service is available as a full- or half-day consultation.


What our clients say:

“I’m so pleased with my new flat! Graham's advice from the beginning was invaluable: he has a great talent for choosing suitable colours and furnishings, and a wide knowledge of where to find them. Above all he has an instinctive understanding of his client's preferences.”

Hélène E.



Graham has been helping clients find their dream homes in Barcelona for more than a decade with his unparalleled knowledge of the market and excellent connections. Graham’s ability to conceptualise how spaces can be transformed means that he sees potential others miss.

Graham and his team can prepare a carefully curated selection of properties for you. He visits and assesses these properties personally so that you won’t waste any time.

He is also available for full- or half-day consultations to provide you with an overview of the market, an explanation of the purchase process in Spain, and to help select the right neighbourhood for you.

Once the purchase has been made, he can also undertake property renovations if required.

He has an excellent relationship with a team of independent specialists, including English-speaking lawyers and agents, so you can be sure that your property purchase is smooth and worry-free.

What our clients say:

"Graham took all the pain out of property searching by visiting them in advance and drawing up a list of 'possibles' for us to look at. He took us round the properties and made sure that we could see the pros and cons of them and the surrounding neighbourhood. He also has a very good feel for what represents value for money."

Peter M.


Design projects often require effective teamwork from a variety of stakeholders. Graham has successfully collaborated with architects to help transform homes and businesses.

Left: Graham worked with Jean-Michaël Taillebois ( to help develop this beautiful bathroom.